reclaimed lead shot for reloading shells

reclaimed lead shot for reloading shells

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Mar 14, 2019· Posts. 12. Reclaimed shotgun lead. I have around 600lbs of reclaimed shotgun lead collected, cleaned, and in 1lb-ish Lyman ingots. I am asking 1$/lb and will ship in a small flat rate ($7) which i can get around 24lbs in or in a medium flatrate ($12.5) up to 70lbs. Buyer pays shipping and 3% extra if non paypal friends and family.

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May 12, 2011· It is clean, no steel shot, no pebbles I would cosidered it. But I use reclaimed shot for my shot shells, because #7 1/2 shot is very expense thgese days, if I get reclaimed that I can trust, It goes into 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotshells. If you shot the stuff with rocks and steel shot in it, you can ruin your shotgun.

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Aug 16, 2019· One way to reload shot shells more economically is to use reclaimed shot. 1/3 cheaper than factory shot. The reclaimed is a mix of shot though. Reclaimed from trap ranges that can be a mix of #9 to # 6. I have a RCBS Grand Progressive shot shell reloader. Pretty much only load a few boxes per year for hunting now with lead that cost $25 per bag ...

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Jun 05, 2011· I bought about 500 lbs a few years back. It was reclaimed #6 shot from a circus sideshow. Each pellet is deformed from hitting a backstop. It makes fine cast bullets about exactly like wheelweights. I don't remember the BH number, but I do remember it was a tad less than wheelweight alloy. The shot alloy is just fine for the Lyman 311041 @ 1900 ...

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Shotgun Lead Shot #8 for Sale. WARNING: Improperly reloaded ammunition can cause serious personal injury. Reloading should only be done by competent adults after proper instruction. Always wear safety glasses when reloading and consult current powder data guides.

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Our Reclaimed Lead Shot averages about 5% Antimony Lead and is approximately 425 lbs per cubic foot or .24 lbs per cubic inch for the Washed and Graphite and a pproximately pounds per cubic foot: 350 - 380 pounds for the Air Cleaned. ... This lead shot is PERFECT for reloading shot shells!

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Aug 04, 2018· Prices are +/- a bit but generally about that price. Throw in a little solder or pewter for tin and you can make 1,300 255 grain 45 cast bullets. Or 2,200 158 grain 38/357 cast bullets. Taking apart shot shells or using shot is just throwing money away. Shot has a hard shell …

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Buy Reclaimed Unwashed Lead Shot: GunBroker is the largest seller of Reloading Supplies Ammunition Reloading All: 883674522

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MFG#: M75 UPC: 654367417195 Item: W920-01075 This product has no restrictions WCS LEAD SHOT #6 25LB

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Washed and Re-graphited Reclaimed Lead Shot (2-25) Bags 50 pounds. 4.6 out of 5 stars 63. $189.00 $ 189. 00 ($94.50/Item) FREE Shipping. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. Washed and Re-Graphite Reclaimed Lead Shot 1-25 Pound Bag. 4.7 out of 5 stars 54. $105.00 $ 105. 00. FREE Shipping.

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May 27, 2010· Reclaimed shot varies widely in quality. The most likely problem you will have is getting the stuff to flow through your loader. It is fairly common to get shot bridging in the drop tube which results in a shell or two with no shot followed by a big mess around your …

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We sell shooting, hunting, ammunition and reloading supplies for shooting ranges, hunt clubs and individual competitors and league shooters. Youth shooting team programs. Recob's Target Shop – 800-359-4571 – 9-5 on Mon Thu Fri & Sat – 9-7 on Tue & Wed

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Mar 23, 2015· I use reclaimed shot almost exclusively and am very pleased with it. I bought it at $1/lb two years ago at the height of lead prices. Today, (March 2015) with the price of lead on the world market having fallen substantially, one might expect the price of bagged blead shot to fall soon from it's current price of $40~$50/bag. We'll see.

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* Can be shot through Polygonal rifling. ACME Bullet Company also sells Speedloaders and Reloading Brass. Why choose ACME lead cast bullets? ** O ur premium reloading cast bullets are made with certified 92-6-2 lead for a Brinell Hardness (BHN) of 16. * * ACME Bullets are shipped in a unique wood box that protects the bullets during shipping.

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Using a shotshell reloader, like a MEC reloader for example, shotshell hulls can be filled with your choice of components, from the size of the lead shot to which type of wads and what primer brand is used. A list of shotshell reloading supplies might include Claybuster wads, Cheddite primers and the appropriate smokeless powder.The large variety of components available means you can tailor ...

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Jan 10, 2010· RECLAIMED LEAD SHOT WASHED-RE-GRAPHITE (2-25) Bags …. This is 2- 25 pound bags(50 total) of Reclaimed Lead Shot that has been Washed and Re-graphited … I cast my own bullets and load shotgun shells with this product. »More detailed

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Jun 08, 2017· There are many different places to buy reclaimed lead shot for those shooting enthusiasts who choose to make their own ammunition. Many gun ranges will sell reclaimed lead shot for reloading, while it is also readily available online …

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Simple to use shot shell case gauge and sizer. Just drop the loaded shell into the rimmed end and let it fall. Good ammo will easily slide in AND out. If not then simply re-size the hull on the other end and check again. Re-sizing simply requires the shell to be inserted about a 1/4" into the knurled end while twisting and applying light pressure


They can be contacted at 605-996-9984. to speak with a technician 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST. Some of their loading data is at Shotgun World. For those of you living in Northwestern Pennsylvania or Northeastern Ohio, you can buy Nice. Shot ammunition at MIHALAK'S GUNS 9263 Crane Rd. Cranesville Pennsylvania.

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Oct 07, 2018· I buy from Sportsmans Warehouse with discount coupons I get at CAS matches. They now sell shot under their own brand at a few dollars a bag less than other brands they carry. I also buy from a local shotgun reloading retailer. Finally, when a local trap club has reclaimed shot for sale I …

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Lead shot in #4, 5, 6, 7.5, 8, 8.5 and 9 sizes … all at great prices and ready to ship from Shyda's Outdoor Center covering Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West ia, ia and Delaware.

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27 · Lawrence Brand Shot and West Coast Magnum Shot are both used for shot reloading. At …

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Shotshell Reloading Supplies. From buckshot to wadding, Midsouth has you covered for all of your shotshell reloading supply needs. We have conversions kits from MEC and Lee, along with shotgun primers and reloading books. Midsouth has powder bushings and shot bars. We have bottles for shot and primer catchers.

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Very Clean Reclaimed Lead Shot on the Market. Like New in 25lb bags. Washed, Polished, Graphited. No Dirt, No Rocks or Metal • Cheapest place to buy lead shot??

Jul 25, 2010· I just bought 600 lbs. of reclaimed shot, a mix of 7 1/2's to 9's. Very clean, no rocks or grit. It works great if I do my part. I'm reloading it in the 12 an 20 ga. for now. $19.00 a bag, if they bag it. $18.00 @ 25 lbs. in bulk. In the next month or so I'm gonna buy a ton of it in bulk.


Steel 37 Fed. 209A Reloading Specialties "SAM 1" 12 ga 3" & one 12-gauge, 1/8" felt spacer to the inside bottom of the shot cup 1,455 10,800 3

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Mar 07, 2020· Using lead shot has worked for me. I did an experiment using lead shot It worked very well in my revolvers. Mine was not reclaimed. This was done before prices went crazy. No experience loading shotgun shells. Back in the day we sold reclaimed shot for loading during lead famines. This was from a skeet and trap club.